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Jennifer Kight Posted by: Jennifer Kight 2 years ago

What’s old at ei? That might be an easier question to answer. Our goal is to keep you on your toes!

The Urban In-Studio Experience

We are always looking forward to what we can create next and we’ve just put together a brand new set design in our Fort Mill studio. We are calling it the Urban In-Studio Experience. We hope by stepping into the studio, you feel like you’ve stepped out onto the streets of NYC!

Mr. Mike designed and built this set himself with the help of Team ei, of course. Every dancer that has experienced the set so far, says it’s their favorite yet. It provides a more interactive feel than any other session we’ve offered to date. You’ll be posing in front of our floor-to-ceiling garage door, jumping in the wind of our industrial-sized fan, and using the brick wall as your duo partner during this session. We change the color of the lighting to match your outfits and the mood of the shot.

Welcome, Miss Molly!

You will also get to meet the newest member of the Team, Miss Molly! She is the ei Studio Coordinator and she will be assisting photo sessions, editing your works of art, and making sure you have everything you need throughout the whole process. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

What Else is New at ei:

  • The 2023 Ambassador season is coming! Be on the lookout for an application soon.
  • If you are looking forward to snow this November, the set is going to be EPIC!
  • Miss Julia is pursuing dreams outside of the ei studio and though she won’t be in the studio each day, she will always be at the heart of ei.