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Your Time to Shine

Dancer in navy leotard captured mid-air on dance ring jump during dance photoshoot outdoors with Exulting Images in Charlotte, NC

Step 1:

Book Your Session

Exulting Images dance photography with rain of two females one leaping and one lunging on the ground

Step 2:

Prepare For Your Session

Brown skinned dancer wearing an open blue button up with khaki colored bottoms and blue fedora poses for modern dance action shot in Exulting Images' Fort Mill, SC studio

Step 3:

Your Photoshoot

dancer, head stand, power pose, purple, pink

Step 4:

Choose Your Photos

Watch The Experience Unfold

Tips For An Awesome Session

Bring Your Best

Arrive at the studio hydrated and with food in your belly so you can perform at your optimum.


Choose pieces that you’re confident in, showcase your personality, and align with your theme.


Come with your hair styled and ready for the session. Touch up as needed at our vanity counter.


Arrive with your makeup done. Ideally, apply a little more than you would on a daily basis.


Consider painting your nails to match your outfit or a neutral color. Note: Chipped polish shows!


Bring fun, on-theme elements to play with, e.g. hats, shoes, scarves. Check our Insta for ideas.

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