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The Stage is Yours. Own It.

Male in mesh shirt and purple shorts raising leg through water in Exulting Image’s rain room photoshoot in Fort Mill, SC

Rain Sessions

Bring on the DRAMA! When dance and photography play together in the rain, something out-of-this-world happens. Graceful, edgy, bold and beautiful - and warm! Our rain room experience features warm water so our dancers are always comfortable. Book in advance! Available for a limited time in Summer months.

Snow Sessions

Dancing in the snow is nothing short of magical - come in from the cold and make your mark! Our expert eye for composition, intricate lighting design, and creative use of season-specific set pieces give dancers license to spread their wings and SOAR. Be sure to book early! Available for a limited time in Winter months.

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If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.

- Ruthie Lindsey