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Your Questions, Answered.

Where is Exulting Images?

Is dance photography for me?

I need a headshot but I’m not a dancer - can I book a Headshot session?

How long are studio sessions?

What is the difference between a Creative and Themed session?

Can I choose the location for my Outdoor session?

Do you offer hair and makeup services?

Is wardrobe provided?

Are props provided?

Which dance poses are best for my photoshoot?

How many times can I attempt a pose before moving on to the next?

When do you offer Snow sessions?

When do you offer Rain sessions?

What other creative effects do you offer?

How do I book a studio session?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Do you offer payment plans?

What is your cancellation policy?

When will I see my studio session proofs?

I’ve booked only a Headshot session - when will I get my proofs?

How much are photo packages?

When will I receive my digital files, printed pieces and wall art?

What if I want to order more?

What edits are made to my photos?

Do you have an ambassador program?

Do you offer event photography?

Do you do commercial costume shoots?

What are your COVID protocols?

How can I spread the word about my amazing ei experience?

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