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Jennifer Kight Posted by: Jennifer Kight 6 months ago

ei in the Industry

Exulting Images has been a leader in multiple avenues of dance photography over the past 13 years. The journey began in live-action photography in the dance competition circuit. For over 10 years, ei set the standard of quality for dance competition photography. Not only, did we provide an unmatched selection of images; we provided a seamless process to discover these images, on site at the competition as well as premier products to support these images. Once relationships were built, Exulting Images hit the road to photograph dance studios both in the live action setting and the portrait environment. The Pandemic changed many things and the ei business wasn’t excluded. As we continued to build our relationship with dance competitions and dance studios, we opened a brick and mortar photography studio in our home of Fort Mill, SC. Now, three years in, we have provided countless individualized dance photography experiences for dancers from across the United States. 

Exulting Images’ owner and lead photographer, Mike Farella, is renowned in the world of dance photography. His study of the craft has placed him under the wings of Lois Greenfield, Rachel Neville, and other elite names in dance photography. He is revered by his peers and maintains speaking engagements at conferences, workshops, and on college campuses. Mike has passion both for his art and the safety and well-being of the dancers featured in his art. That passion shines through every image created at Exulting Images. 

Owner and Lead Photographer, Mike Farella

Refocus on the Dancer

In Summer 2023, our team set their intentions to improve every aspect of the ei Studio experience. We now spend more time collaborating, ensuring comfort for the dancer at every step, and catering to individual requests. We begin each session by verifying the dancer has no recent injuries we should be aware of. This leads into a conversation where we gain understanding on the dancer’s strengths and limits. Once dancer, photographer, and assistant, are on one accord, the session begins and lines of communication stay open the entire time for the safety of the dancer. An assistant stays near the dancer to provide a helping hand throughout the experience. 

Our Studio is equipped with every tool necessary for a safe dance performance. The foundation of every great dance is a great floor and ours is sprung for your safety and covered with high-grade Marley dance floor. Yoga mat and stretching tools are provided for a proper warmup prior to and during each session. Large TV screens display images throughout the studio as they are taken so everyone involved can discuss each detail. Exulting Images adds an extra layer of protection by maintaining modest posing for every dancer. Safety is at the forefront of each session at ei and will be reiterated along the way. 

Fall 2023 Office Remodel

If you haven’t been to the ei Studio in the past few months, it’s time to come back! This place is brand new and more inviting than ever. Our office space has been completely redesigned to include modern elements and divide the space between office environment and a consultation space we are proud to share with you, following each session. Our consultation space is inviting for all, yet intimate enough to focus in on your collection of images and make decisions that will last a lifetime. While we meet to discuss your image collection; our coffee bar is available to you, complete with coffee, tea, cold water, and more. As you enter or exit the ei Studio through our office, you will be met with gallery images that were hand-selected by our team. They represent the range of photography offered at ei and highlight each ei photographer’s work. Also on display is our collection of print works featuring our photography. Whether you step in to book a session or have a consultation scheduled, we will be happy to invite you into our updated space.

See you soon!