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Jennifer Kight Posted by: Jennifer Kight 2 months ago

The world of art is a complex place. In it, is combined perspective, expression, and vision. Each piece of art is multiplied by the viewers that appreciate it. It becomes new with each new investigation. Your experience with a work of art will vary from everyone else’s. In the dance world, we translate this to the thought that when a performance’s final curtain has fallen, every audience member leaves having seen a different show. To each their own, right? 

The variety created by the individuality of our experiences allows us to cultivate a world of never-ending creativity. And we LOVE that!! In fact, we thrive on that fact. Our creativity at Exulting Images is consistently fueled by all of you. And we hope, that we can inspire you to never cease creating, too. 

There are times when an image is captured that brings everyone in the room to a pause. Every heart skips a beat and no one can look away. At times, a session will conclude and the dancer will take a look at the collection of images and discover they are able to perform in ways they never knew possible. In other instances, we are invited into your lives; when you send us a video of the wall art you receive, or send us a Christmas card with images we created together. These are the times we not only LOVE, but LIVE for. 

You and your dancing impact our team members’ lives daily on both large and small scales. When you leave your mark at Exulting Images, you leave your mark on our hearts, our art, and the world. You leave us inspired and enthusiastic for what is to come. 

At Exulting Images, we strive to embody the definition of our name. Oxford Dictionary defines Exulting as “feeling or showing elation or jubilation.” It is our goal that every image we produce showcase not only you and your talent but the very essence of the emotion behind the image. Our team feels the elation and jubilation of every image and it’s our deepest desire that your experience with our art will make you feel that, also.