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Jennifer Kight Posted by: Jennifer Kight 1 year ago

You have seen our rain photos, but have you seen the only other themed session we bring back each year? SNOW! Our winter wonderland is hitting Fort Mill on November 1st for its third season. Each year the snow set changes a bit and this year it’s all about the ice. The set will incorporate an ice cave, an icy blue marley dance floor, and snow falling all around!!

This frozen set is meant to replicate some of the world’s coldest environments but is all an illusion. The dancer will stay warm and comfortable for the duration of the session. Our studio is built to be the perfect dance photography experience. Our sprung floor keeps the joints cushioned while providing spring to each leap. Our HD monitors give you an immediate look at the beautiful images being captured. We keep the temperature to the dancer’s preference and provide snacks and beverages as needed.

Prepare for Your Snow Session

Colors that work well – blues, whites, silvers, reds (see swatch for inspiration)

Outfits that make sense – long flowing skirts or dresses, leotards in the aforementioned colors, full ballet attire (leo, pancake tutu, tights, pointe shoes), even sweaters and jeans that you can move in.

Winter accessories to bring – earmuffs, scarves, mittens, gloves, shawl, winter coat, leg warmers

Preparing Poses – the snow won’t affect your dancing in the slightest; it’s not cold, wet or slippery. Work with a dance instructor to nail down poses that suit your facility and skill level. Think of variety in level; some jumping poses, some standing poses, and some low poses. Think also of variety in style; you can accomplish a ballet look, a tap look, a jazz look, and a modern look all in one session.

Things to think about – you can move the snow! It is kickable, catchable, tossable, and can be manipulated in many ways. Think of creative ways to work with the snow before your session.

Each year at ei we provide three or four themed session types. The themes are only available for brief windows of time so it is imperative to book your session before the session type is gone. Rain and Snow are our only two themes that return each year and even they have seen set changes over time. All other themes come and go. The Light Cube and the Urban set are among these. If you’ve missed out on a session type in the past, don’t let the next one slip by without booking!