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Jennifer Kight Posted by: Jennifer Kight 1 year ago

Do we service YOUR dance studio??

Did you know that ei is still newer to the photography studio game? The ei photography studio has only been open for two years and prior to that, we were solely a service-providing company. This meant we saw you only a few times a year at your dance studio and dance competition events. Now we have the pleasure of meshing both worlds with our ei Studio Photography Team and our ei Events Photography Team. And, you have the option of coming to see us as many times a year as you’d like!

ei Photography Services

For most of you, we probably already service your studio at some level, whether it be Posed Recital, Live Action Recital, Artistic, or Marketing Photography. If we don’t service your studio at these levels or any level at all, we would love to talk with you and/or your studio owner about how we can bring the ei experience to your home studio! Below is a quick look at our photography services-provided at the dance studio level. It is downloadable so feel free to save a copy to send to your studio or print a copy for your studio owner. We hope that we will soon have the honor of providing you and your dance family top-quality professional dance photography.

What makes ei DIFFERENT??

We are Dancers Photographing Dancers and it makes ALL the difference in the world. You’ve heard the age-old “my photographer didn’t catch my jump!” and who can blame those guys? They don’t know what is happening! It is the dancer’s job to surprise their audience and provide the unexpected, it’s the photographer’s job to catch those explosive picturesque moments. When the photographer can analyze each second and anticipate what’s coming, great shots will come. Each dancer has their own intricacies and the same move will be performed 300 different ways by 300 different dancers. Having a photographer in your studio that will learn your studio’s style as well as the dancers’ individuality throughout the session will take your photography to the next level.

We Want to Showcase YOU!

At ei we want to showcase what makes your studio unique and the amazing talent at every level along the way. Our photographers speak in dance terminology, we can ask your dancer to extend their port de bras, relevé higher, and bring the Fosse! One more key ingredient to the ei difference is our respect and concern for these young dancers’ image. We will always maintain the opinion that every dancer needs to be posed respectively as to maintain their modesty. If you want a photographer that will pour love, care, and years of experience into your dancers; you will get it by partnering with ei!

If you’d like to see more image examples for any of these services, please click here.