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Jennifer Kight Posted by: Jennifer Kight 2 years ago

What to Wear

Leave the dancewear at home! If you would wear it on stage, it might not be right for a session like this. You’ll want to bring streetwear and shoes galore! Start by selecting brightly colored outfits that showcase your style. Bring on the oversized pants and graphic tanks.

Once you have 3-5 outfits put together, select a pair of shoes to complete each look and consider accessories that could add to your ensemble. But before you pack the outfits for your session, make sure you can dance in them! We don’t want your jeans holding back your leap or your combat boots hindering your relevé, now do we?

How to Pick Poses

Find pose ideas that YOU feel confident performing! You should feel proud of your pose list, they are the tools in your dance toolbox. Bring us YOUR best, and together we will create magic no matter your level of dance experience!

We will work with you before your session starts to pair your outfits to your poses, but do keep your outfits in mind while creating your pose list. You wouldn’t want to do a tilt in a mini skirt but you should definitely try your tilt in a maxi dress; imagine that shot!

How to Prepare the Night Before a Session

  • Fill out our dancer profile received via email at booking (Team ei loves birthdays and we won’t be able to celebrate yours without your profile form!)
  • Make sure your bag is packed
  • Make sure you have pose ideas and you have practiced them all
  • Make sure you eat a good dinner and stay hydrated
  • Take a warm bath and gently stretch your muscles afterward to get a nice stretch
  • Get a good night’s sleep

A List of Extras That Every Dancer Should Have at Each ei Photo Session

  • A black leotard
  • Pairing Pieces (booty shorts, briefs, nude leos, black dance pants)
  • Hair elastics in your hair color
  • Hair tools for hair changes
  • Makeup kit for touchups/color changes
  • Any tools you use to stretch or keep your muscles warm
  • Extra poses
  • Come well fed! (Contrary to popular belief, we want you to have the energy you will need to dance!)