Dance Photography…  The elegance, spirit and drama of dance frozen forever in a moment of time.  Exulting Images Service offerings are ideal for beginners to professional dancers, each offering is designed to take your Dance Portfolio or Instagram following to the next level.
In addition, we offer packaged solutions for studio recitals, dance competitions and studio marketing programs.

Rain Photography

Rain photography creates a photographic canvas that can be fun, mysterious, moody, and exhilarating. Rain is a unique, in studio photographic style that dramatically showcases the talents of a dancer in a manmade rain environment. Spend time with your photographer to create dance moves based on Gene Kelly’s movie “Singing in the Rain” or immerse yourself in your favorite music to create your own unique style. Graceful, edgy, bold and beautiful; rain photography creates unique photographic images that your friends and family cannot comprehend until they see the magic of the final images and can’t wait to experience it for themselves.

Artistic Dance Photography

Capturing the art and beauty of motion and freezing it in time to preserve what the human eye thinks it sees. With this type of photography Exulting Images is able to give dancers a three dimensional look by sculpting their figure with light. These sessions take your Recital Pictures to the next level! *Ages 10+

Studio Photography

Studio photography is designed to capture the energy, drama and elegance of dance movement as well as the individual skill of a dancer. Build your portfolio, enhance your social media look, or create beautiful wall art by collaborating with your photographer in a one-on-one session to emphasize your skills or highlight your progress as a dancer. Every element of artistic dance photography – line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color and space are combined to capture that stunning moment where you and your craft come together in the perfect image of skill and beauty.

On Location Photography

On-location photography incorporates the elements of nature, local architecture or a particular local venue to showcase your skill. Wildly unpredictable yet completely fascinating; on-location photography sessions add mystery and magic to your portfolio taking your artistry to the next level.

Posed Recital Photography

Who doesn't love their little girl or boy dressed to the “T” in their fun, sparkly recital costumes? We love to partner with Dance Studio Owners and take posed portraits in the convenience of your dance studio. This instantly gives the children a sense of security in their environment which allows them to be themselves while we capture it on camera. We offer a variety of modern backdrops with INSTANT viewing capabilities so that the parents can make their final selections right there at the photo shoot! You no longer have to wait weeks just to get proofs and then wait some more time to get the final prints. We offer Digital and Print Packages!

Live Action Recital Photography

You've worked hard all season and now it's time to show off your talent at your Recital Performance. Allow Exulting Images to capture your dancers in action, on stage! Your Competition crew might be used to this service, but your Recreational Kids and Parents probably aren't and we promise they will LOVE it! The best part - the parents get EVERY picture we take of their dancer!

Dance Competition Photography

Competition photography takes knowledge, experience, and a well devised plan on how to execute and deliver a product in a small period of time. We have been able create and execute such a plan and deliver far beyond most expectations. We take both classroom and stage pictures during a competition.


There is no better way to book jobs and promote yourself, than having an up-to-date Head Shot or Comp Card. Our design style and ability to capture that one moment that truly embraces your personality are important because first impressions are everything!

Marketing Services

Studio owners and managers take advantage of our creative Marketing Services department. Start with our exceptional photography of your studio dancers to showcase on your studio wall or window projects or use them to drive your social media sites. In addition, Exulting Images staff can develop targeted marketing campaigns, event/program brochures, trifolds and flyers, update staff headshots and produce video media for upcoming events to display on studio monitors. All of our marketing services are designed to fit your budget and timeframe.

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