Exulting Images was established in 2008 and has been moving full steam ahead ever since.
We believe that once you work with or are photographed by Exulting Images you become part of our family...

So please let us introduce ourselves to you, your soon to be extended family. 

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President & Lead Photographer

Mike Farella is a digital Dance Photographer that has lived in Fort Mill, SC, for 5 years now, but loves to travel anywhere a great photo opportunity presents itself. Thirteen years ago when he took his first professional photograph, he knew that it was his destiny. Mike’s photography muse is surely dance, as he started his passion for it in 1993, when he took his first dance class, and was surprised how much he enjoyed the art, movement, and beauty of dance. Mike was a dancer for 16 years; 10 of which was served working as a professional dancer at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.  Mike’s greatest joy in life above all else is the love and support of his wife; Julia and daughter; Allison. Mike's ability to capture the perfect moment on camera with art, style, and composition is second-to-none. His dream is to one day open many dance photography studios across the country where he can help others grow and explore the world of dance photography.

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Vice President

Julia is the bouncing energy that keeps everyone at the company on their toes! Her LOVE for people and attention to detail allow Exulting Images to thrive in the Studio setting and succeed in the Events setting. Graduating with an Associates Business Degree in Florida she loves to use tips & tricks she learned in college and apply them daily. If you know Julia - you know she has 3 MAJOR passions - Jesus, Family & People! There is something about learning about each unique person that intrigues her. Fun Fact - she likes Honey Mustard, but doesn't like Mustard or Honey?

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Studio Manager & Photographer

Jennifer is the ei Studio Manager as well as Event Photographer and Editor. She has been with the company since 2018, shortly after her graduation from Winthrop University where she majored in Dance Performance and minored in Photography. She was a competitive dancer training in her hometown of Coward, SC until transitioning into the concert dance world in 2013. Photography was just a hobby for her until choosing to study it during college. She says of her beloved job at ei, "I photograph dance because I am eternally fascinated by the opportunity to closely examine a single second of time. Photography is both art and science. When combined correctly, they can create magic. When combined with the magic of dance, a whole other level of reality is revealed. A dancer's perfection can be captured to be studied and adored. One may feel a new streak of confidence after seeing themselves in a stunning moment. And to the honor of being able to provide that service: I do not see my intrigue diminishing.”

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Studio Coordinator & Photographer

Jenny is the Studio Coordinator as well as an Event Photographer. Jenny began dancing when she was 4 years old and continued performing and choreographing until she graduated from Penn State University. From there she turned in her performing shoes and put on her teaching shoes. She taught many different types of dance for 4 years at a local studio, until now where she has found a new way to take her knowledge of dance to dance photography. Jenny loves working with the dancers during their photo sessions to push their technique and ensure their talents truly shine!

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Finance Manager

Ana is our Finance Manager and has 20 plus years of finance experience in various roles and industries. She studied modern dance during her middle and high school years. She loves reading and teaching children about Jesus. A fun fact about her is that she has visited 48 states to date!

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Junior Photographer

Allison is Mike & Julia's daughter and this sweet apple didn't fall far from the tree! She has her Daddy's Camera Eye and her Mama's Attention to Detail. She's currently her Middle School's Yearbook Photographer and has plan to continue to pursue her Photography Career.  

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